Whats up guys/girls? I've got this older Jackson PS-4 that I've put a little bit of work into it and I really love the tone. Only problem is that my taste in music has changed since then and I'm more into bands that are using different drop tunings such as In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Nevermore... etc. So my question is... my PS-4 currently has a Floyd Rose floating bridge but the damn thing won't stay in tune when I drop tunings. Is it possibly to replace this bridge with a fixed bridge? Any information on what may help me drop tunings without going out of tune would be greatly appreciated... also any info on swapping out bridges. Thanks.
They make things that you can put in the bridge assembly in the back to make a floating bridge set. I don't remember what it's called, but im sure someone else can tell you.
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You can just fill in the cavities in the back with some wood, Eric Clapton style. Google blocking up a tremolo or something. There's a really good tutorial somewhere that does it on an Ibanez JEM or something.
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