hey, if i have a wah, grunge, fuzz, OD, and noise gate. what order should i put them in?
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wah -> OD/Distortion/Fuzz -> noise gate
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This doesn't apply to what you mentioned, but I'll just give you a general concept.

Compression --> Wah --> Distortion/OD --> all modulation effects (preferably into effects loop) --> Noise Gate
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Modulations (chorus/flange/phaser/trem)
Theres really no right or wrong way for anything like this, because what sounds good to you IS the right way.

Having said that. Everyone above me is right lol
Personally I would (with your gear)

guitar -> fuzz -> wah -> overdrive -> noise gate -> amp

I'd have fuzz on all the time, use the wah for solos or funky rhythms and the overdrive for when you really want to let rip. If you have distortion/fuzz/overdrive after wah and use plenty of drive you'll drown out the wah. Fuzz before wah sounds great.