I usually dont do industrial techno like riffs. But I was messing around with a stomp box and a keyboard and I ended up making a riff I really like. Tell me what you think of it

ps. Bass and Drums was added with fruity loops

Death Notes For Adepts
I'm so gothic i poop bats
yeah not my kinda thing. It isn't badly wrote though, maybe add more guitar layers to it, see if you could build this into the sort of song yu would normal write, that would be great.
that was pretty awesome, just add more to it. Then again like you said it is an intro
not bad
Stick it to the man
That was pretty awesome. It has a very coherent, consistent feel that I wouldn't be suprised hearing on the radio. Can't really criticize anything - what you've got so far is great. I guess just work this into a full song and it should be pretty sweet

Crit for crit?