My main idle is John Petrucci, and i just found the OLP Version of his guitar, and I happen to need a new guitar, and I was trying to get one as close to as possible as his, and i found this. Heres the problem, im left handed, so how would I restring this and make the tremolo be on the bottom for me instead of the top, just buy a left handed tremolo or whats the closest thing to the petrucci guitar, in the $400 price range
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Afaik it's not that simple, like the shape of the guitar is for a right hand if you buy that one. I would properly be hard to get access to the lower frets. Don't they make left handers? Anyway you could just do as my guitar teacher did, play a right hand. Makes your left hand fast on the fret board, might be a bit easier to optain the petrucci skill :P
ive tried... lol...it will take me forever to get up to normal speed/coordination that im on now lol, i mean my fretting hand isnt bad, but i cant get it down with the pick, its hard for me lol for some odd reason, which it could be because im playing a crap CMI guitar that we got from a pawn shop lol
Practice makes perfect.

But I would suggest that you get a left handed guitar. Unless the guitar is completely symmetrical. Like the tuners are places where they are so strings have a certain length and tension. You might ruin that by reversing it. It might be impossible to tune the guitar, or it might get out of tune all the time. But then again ?might? is the keyword. I don?t know for sure but I have a good idea that it?s not going to work.
thats what i thought, lol...but petrucci being my idol, what would be the closest thing i could get to his guitar, that actually plays well, and i know that if i wanna sound like him its all in my amp and blah blah blah, i just think his guitar is cool lol