Hey guys, new here . Um i have been playing for 2 years and i know very basic theory, 1 aolean (sp)scale position, the 5 pentatonic minor positions and basic chord construction. One thing I have never understood is modes. I just cant get the idea in my head! Does anyone have any advice? Or decent lessons? I've read the ones on UG but it didn't seem to help much.
yeah I'm looking for a simple definition too

however there's a huge almost thorough theory website

scroll down for modes

you can also look for Troy Stetina's "Ultimate Scale Book" from Total Guitar in pdf form thru google... it doesnt tell you much but it shows nearly all the scales you'd need

here's a tab with all of the modes in the key of C

and of course there's several good lessons here in UG. though I recommend going throu gh the first website first before going through the UG lessons

lol hope I helped (leaning modes on your own is a really arduous? task)
modes are like scales but moved up a certain number of notes. For example; take the C major scale, the intervals are 2 2 1 2 2 2 1. In the dorian mode you start on the 2nd note of the scale, in C, you start on D and the intervals are 2 1 2 2 2 1 2. In the phrygain mode you start on the third note of the scale, in C, you start on E. And so on. The names of the modes in order are Dorian (2nd note of scale), Phrygain (3rd note of scale), Lydian (4th note of scale), Mixolydian (5th note of scale), Aeolian (6th note of scale) and the Locrian (7th note of the scale). Of course there is one that start on the same note as the scale, its called the Ionian.
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