Lads I've got an Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty, and I'm unsure which pickups I want in it. Essentially I play classic rock, as well as occasionally stuff like Iron Maiden and Megadeth.

I'm torn between getting SH-4JB/SH-1'59/SH-2 Jazz, or just getting Gibson '57 Classics.

First question is obviously whether the Seymour Duncan pickups there would work well, and secondly do you think I should go for those or the Gibsons? The 57's I imagine would be more expensive, so would it be worth the extra price?
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gibson pickups are seymour duncan arent they


I'd get the Duncan JB/Jazz, but that's a personal preference. You should try out guitars with those pups and then decide.

EDIT: For classic rock the gibsons might sound better, but for megadeth you'll want the jb.
Well the Gibsons aint to good IMO, id reccomend either Duncans (aint to fond of them either) but id reccomend you to check out Swinesheads (Condor/ Warthog or Condor/ Runaway if you play more classic rock): www.swinesheadpickups.co.uk or Bareknuckle's (if you can afford them): www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk
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Cheers, I'll definitely have to check out those Swineheads. Barenuckles are, however, far too expensive.
I don't have a set budget per se, but I've been given the price of about $600 all up for the Gibson's due to the guitar having three humbuckers. Ideally I don't really want to pay that much and anything much more is stretching it. The Seymour Duncan's are as far as I know much cheaper (same for the Swinesheads according to the prices on their site), which is why I'd rather them.

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