Ok, I have been off and on with guitar now for 6 years, I know a lot now, but I cannot do solos. Now call me a n00b all you want, and the term might describe me. But I was wondering what scales I can do or what I should do to start the road to solos.

A link to what I should learn would be greatly appreciated.
learn your majors and your minors and your pents in all the different positions... its not as hard as it sounds youl figure out in a bit that its really only two sets of boxes n e ways once you got that down just start wanking around and figure out some riffs... once you have that figure out a perticular style you want for a song or w/e and learn your scales based on that
Sounds all good and what not. But my problem now is, I can't learn solo
s from tabs and what not. But I suppose I should lern the pent scale to improve my skill?
yeah if you never play that sorta thing its to be expected that you cant learn it straight off if you have no experience with that sort of thing but learn the solo any ways and just practice the techniques till you can play it smooth and while your doing that look at all the areas of the perticular solo that are giving you trouble and build an excercise from it... thas what works for me n e ways i dont know how others do it... oh and i dont so much practice scales so much as use them as a vehicle for my solos but i do wank around alot in certain keys untill i find some riffs so thats the same thing really i guess?
what type music do you listen to?
who's your favorite guitarist?
that'll help determine how much you need to learn

My mind is going. I can feel it.
If you never tried to play solo, i offer you to try Marily Manson - Sweet Dreams Solo. I hate this song but the solo is easy and not boring. Nice sounding. Try it.