OK, I'm thinking of upgrading my current rig which consists of:

-Yamaha Pacifica 012
-Marshall MG15CD
-Marshall BB-2

I want to cover a wider range of music such as blues, metal, metalcore, punk and more. So I looked online and played in a few music stores and have decided that I'm going to save up for...

-PRS Tremonti SE
-Vox AD50VT
-Line 6 Uber Metal

I've heard a lot of praise for the amp and I liked the sound of the Uber Metal pedal to get me into high gain areas. I love Mark Tremonti and I think his signature guitar looks amazing but because it's £1000+, it's not an option at the moment.

Can y'all rate my potential rig and give me a few suggestions if you think there's a better guitar/amp/pedal for me. Please don't recommend a Cube 60 because I want to cover a wide range, hence the Vox.
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Well first off let me say that I dont know where you got the whole "the Cube isnt versitile" idea. I really dont know why people say that because its not true.

But your list is fine. Quite good actually. I really got a chance to play the Uber Metal the other for the 2nd or 3rd time and its not all that bad. Which is suprising because its really the only pedal out there 'made for metal' that actually sounds decent.

Anyways, its a huge step up from your current gear. So all systems are go!
Well that rig looks nice. Cubes are really versatile, but then again the Vox handles lighter stuff better. I havent tried an über metal, but heard great things about it. But the Cube can handle lighter gain stuff to (my old chemistry teacher has one he used for our gig, so i tried it out and it was nice) but as said the Vox is better for lighter gain stuff.
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theres nothing wrong with your rig, but if you want my opinion, i wouldnt get the tremonti guitar. im sure its a good guitar though, so go ahead and get it. i'd also reccomend a stompbox tuner like the planet waves one.
I really like my Uber metal, you would be surpised how versatile it is.........its just a matter of EQ'ing it correctly to get the right tones basically. But overall your new rig looks pretty cool, the vox will supply the models of the nice cleans sounds, and the pedal will take you into high gain territory.
the vox + uber metal is a great idea, that should cover everything you need

im not sure tho about the guitar, i was never a fan of signature models and thought they were way overpriced but if you play one and like it and it's solidly built and such then go for it
i like the amp, and i wouldn't know about the pedal, but i'm not a big fan of your guitar choice. its not that its a bad guitar, cuz it's not, but im a bigger fan of blues so i love my tele, its an amazingly versatile guitar
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Thanks everybody. Your views are much appreciated. Would you guys recommend any other guitar since it appears that you guys don't like it? Chances are I'll still get it but if I like the sound of any you guys suggest I may rethink. Please try to keep the price to about the same though.
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I'd get a different amp?Flextone, anyone??but other than that, good choices.

Hey guys! I just started playing electric guitar should I get a Gabson Lay Pall or a Femdor Startokaster. I like the picks on the gabsons but i like how sweet femdors look. Beforre i get a gabson what company makes them?
I played the Tremonti SE at the London Guitar Show and I really liked it. I play mainly blues and metal, (dunno wtf metalcore is) and a little bit of punk, and it should suit quite well. I prefer the SE soapbar for its pickups and finish (I like to add extra controls inside), but both of the necks are decent. The soapbar has quite a fat neck, but I still use it for shredding, and I think the Tremonti is slightly thinner, altough I could be wrong.