i have a doubt with palm mutin ...when i do a pull off on the 3 rd string ....my fingers hit the 1 st string and this ruins the solo which im playin .....though i mute the 1st and 2nd strings usin my pickin hand's index finger ....they still create a small noise when my fingers hit them ....is this because im not muting them well enough ?
You should focus on muting only the 6th, 5th, and 4th strings. Lighter strings usually dont need to be palm muted. When you palm mute try to form you hand like a curved karate chop.

Check this video out.

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You really shouldn't be hitting the 1st string when pulling off on the 3rd. Arch your fingers, and use the tips of your fingers to fret the notes.

As for the second string, this should be muted with your index finger.
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