hey how come it can sound good when a song goes out of key, say dmajor, then dminor, and it can sound good? is there a specific reason for this or do you just muck around with it and it sounds good?
- tommy
what youre referring to here is more based around the theory kind of things. As you mentioned key changes ill mention that every major key has a relative minor key, and this allows to move into minor without making the listener too taken away. Another way of doing this is to have a short passage which contains a few notes from the key you are moving to which will suggest a key change is coming so it isnt too sudden. Hope this helps
well key changes add a more dynamic feel, and really help make a longer piece less boring. Having one instrument occasionally going out of key adds dissonance which can either sound horrible or if you know what you are doing be used to great effect (kurt cobain was really good at this)
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ahh cool, so its like just coz it sounds good, listen to these days from powderfinger. play it on guitar: its just A, E, Fm, D, E.. except for the first bar it goes A, E, Fm, D, Dm or something like that. makes it sound good!
thanks by the way
- tommy