may i.

pray wen im not religous, just to play wit the interest
slayed for the slaves that gave there savior riches
im layin wit scriptures..holdin holy act one ..wonderin
if i'll get the big picture or if im the only one that does
when will my sign arrive, it better get shipped quick
will i die alive or will that depend on whether i missed it
but if im dead now, i hope heavens got me
aint tryna be the best out, just dope to everybody
forever cocky, i appoligize i gotta be that way
but i gotta die and ur the reason i gotta see that day
were all a thinkin contradiction, im just shiftin from reverends
i shouldnt say im not religious but wanna make it to heaven
fact is, i believe in something n i put the hope in my kids
but all i see is nothin so i dont exactlly know what it is
its a show and a biz, thats all church has amounted too
but for god, it's work ..so i feel like a jerk for doubtin you
i still refuse to join anyone, in some i see some light
but theres a million religions and only one is right
send light to the halls, enlighten writing this song
some dedicate there whole life to something that is wrong
id rather be on the outside wit some doubt to mine
then place faith in somethin and get hung out to dry
i say, if im walkin ..its to my wealth
so i hope when i pray ..

im not just talkin to myself.