that was cool man but like you said, the wah wasn't too good. bet it rocks with the crybaby though. are you using an epiphone or a gibson SG, looks like a gibson to me but please enlighten us
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hey thanks for the comments its a epiphone i want a gibson though lol. yeah the crybaby is really good much better control over the wah.
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that was pretty good, but i think the bending could use some work, a lot of them didnt seem like they were the right pitch

not bad overall though
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definately need to clean up that fast lick just before the wah kicks in, but overall good job
timing is a little off, but since you seem to know all the notes, why not improve on that? but over all i think it seems a little tame for me.. rock out dude..
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the bending and playing was kinda sloppy and i didnt really like the tone
Overall: good (6.5/10 from me).
That was better than mine. things to improve are: Bend pitch and notes. Did you get tabs, because I swear you missed out some notes, still pretty sweet.
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