hey guys...so, basically i keep my three fav guitars in my 3 most used tunings (standard, half step down and full step down) but i rotate them about once a week just so i play them all about the same. Just wondering if u think changing tunings (fairly drastically) that often will lead to reduced lifespan of my strings???
yes keep them in the same tuning and dont change them. Not only is it bad for the strings, its bad for the truss rod
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yeah more than likely, cause you're loosening them then tightening them more often than you normally would, not sure though
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if it's on a classical, i don't think it would harm it that much but on an steel string acoustic, it would. when i had my classical, i always used to change tunings like for example, goo goo dolls tunings. But when i got my acoustic, i keep it standard, i'm sometimes tempted to drop D.
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