I like it.......it's music that you put on your mp3 player on a summer playlist. your song got a good atmosphere. your voice is a little bit quiet. I think you should record it like you recorded this one here. but that's just me. I know that's a **** tip but you can ignore what I said if you don't like this tip ........
BUT: I like your song reminds me a little bit of elliott smith if you know who he is

crit mine?
I liked it. Your singing is generally very good but there are few occasions were you go slightly flat. The solo at the end was nice. Good song
I thought the acoustic guitar had alot of subtlety which I very much enjoyed. However, the particular style of singing just isn't my cup of tea. For the genre I think it fits perfectly and it's good, but I just don't like that style, it kind of reminds me of the late 90's pop.

Keep making music man!

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^ haha fair enough, im still working on my vocals, im trying to find some stability in them, i tend to go flat at times but i also dont wanna push my voice to sound whiny, im slowly getting there though. but yeah thanks for the crits guys im getting on yours now