im looking to get a guitar for less than £500 and the ibanezs look prty kl and they r suposed to be gd as well. i play mostly metal n rock but i sumtimes play bluesy rock and more classic rock n roll stuf. i looked at the s520ex, s470 and rgt42dx but there r so many to chose from. any advice would help but ill try to get to try one in the shops
between those three i would puck the s470 becuase of the quality of the trem. the single coil for extra versatility and mostly becuase the trem on the rg42dx is very poor and becuase i prefer the looks of the s470 to the s520
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what amp do you use? thats the basis of your sound. otherwise i would say the RGT42 with hardtail
Is the S470 seriously that good?

I was thinking of buying it but if I save up a few more pennies eg. around 500 squids then I could get a better guitar....but will the trem be worse on these than a 470?
What do all the letters in front of and after the number mean? I don't know how anyone can recognise a guitar that is apparently named totally randomly
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you know what would also lk prty kl?
1) Judging a guitar on how it sounds and plays
2) Actually trying it out for yourself
3) getting a new amp that isn't a marshall mg (you sound like a mg guy)
4) actually telling us your amp
5) learning when and when not to talk like a 12 yr old whose on aim.
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after the number, fm= flame maple, qm=quilt maple, dx=deluxe, etc.

i'd go with an S.
Get the S series. It's way better than RG which is very overrated!

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