Okay I've been looking around for a Blue Voodoo head and I think I've decided to get a 60 watt combo instead? My question is to you, do you think it would be suitable for a small gig possibly? I'm pretty sure it would but I just wanted to make sure.
60 watts of all tube, yeh that;ll deffinetely handle small gigs
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Yea, it definately would handle them.
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Yeah and look at it in this way; You'll be able to drive the amp without having it as loud as a 100 watt stack. That's what's so convenient about several boutique amps, you have the possibility to change the headroom and thus determine at what level you get the tubes saturated.

And if it isn't loud enough for a gig, get a technician to mic your amp. Every large artist/band out there who plays large venues will have their amps mic'd and run through the PA. Most of the time the host of your gig will have to invest some money into amplification as most of the bands don't have their own. That's how things go around here anyway...

And btw, nice choice of amp.