Hi everyone. My crybaby crackles when pushed to certain frequencies- Whats wrong with it? And more importantly is there any way i can fix this? Thanks in advance

Also my guitar does the same thing when i turn the volume nob- Is there dust in the pots? Is there anyway of fixing this without replacing it?
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Well, it might be just normal that your crybaby does that, is it the gcb-95? If so they crackle alot.

The volume knob does that on my strat copy but it doesnt do it on my ibanez. Im not too sure how to fix it, it didnt really bother me as I didnt really use it that much.

Not much help eh?
If it always does it in the same places then the resistive tracks on the pots are probably wearing out. You could try spraying them with a cleaner (either air sprays or "potentiometer grease") or just replacing them altogether.
I meant that for both the vol knob and the crybaby. I think that model of crybaby uses a pot called dunlop "Hotpotz". They're sealed and hard to clean inside, but IIRC you can get cheaper replacements than the ones dunlop offers. They're quite easy to fit in, usually just a single washer to undo.