For thoes who have seen my post I finally found a Rhodes V, not quite the project guitar I was hoping for but ended up with a Charvel in decent shape.
Umm.....The sound leaves much to be desired. I'm tossed between routing for New P/U's or taking it back all together. It's got three single P/U's two angled at the bridge and one at the neck and I have a set of Duncan HB103's that I can put in but would require rerouting for the new P/U's.
How bad would this trash the value of my guitar (switching from three singles to two doubles).
I've got a Platinum series Warlock (I realize there is a big difference in body woods) with an awsome sound and I'm shooting for a similar sound. Anybody with any experience tweeking the Rhodes V's please chime in!
Clarification on that one, by bad. I've got a dark metal sound with my Warlock but can't come remotely close with the charvel almost like too clean of distortion. And the sustain sucks, big part is the wood but the other part I believe is pick ups
if your not happy with the guitar, change it, i dont think that new pups will make too much difference on sustain especially as your removing mass to fit them
I say just go for the routing. If you do it right, itll end up looking and playing really well.