I'm looking at getting a 50's Classic Strat, and putting a SD hotrail in the bridge. I mainly play Punk Rock and Rock. Anybody got one etc and whats ur opinions.

what the f**** is a sd hotrail?
i wish u good luck, but if u play punk rock id recommend on a gibson sg, or lp, whatever its ur choice.
The 50's Strat is very nice, but its vintage features might not lend themselves very well to the modern styles. The V profile neck can be uncomfortable, the pickups are really low output and the vintage frets make it harder to "dig" into the fretboard.

Usually when you get a reissue or classic, you want to preserve the original features. So if you're looking to mod, it might be better to get a Standard. They are both MIMs and the price difference is considerable.

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Why would you buy a 50's RI strat if you want to mod it for punk? Unless you really like the feel of the neck, then I'd also recomend you buy a Standard strat. It'll probably cost you alot less and you'd get higher output pickups stock
I have a 50's tele and i was told that they have better pups than the standard????
or what do you mean with the output stock pickups
Depends, the 52RI Pickups for teles have braided lines, Alnicio 3 Magnets and copper plating

They have higher output then the standard MIM teles, but Hotrails they ain't. The question is, do you like the stock middle and neck pickup. If you want to replace those, you may be better off buying a standard strat (unless you really like the neck on the 50's RI strat)
Why not get a guitar that's more suited to what you want to play? The 50's Strat is aimed to be a vintage sounding guitar, not a punk guitar.
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