This is a song i wrote. If you guys see something that could be worded better or something just post it.

Its called "**** the books; this is me"

"Beautiful name
i want to always be with you
i want the warmth that you give to my tired dying body
i need your breath to give me life
i dont need food, drugs, or water
your love is like the nectar of the sweetest fruits

Beautiful name
id much rather be a skeleton
i dont need much energy
just enough to walk around and talk to you
your the reason i live
your the reason i eat
this minimal amount of food
theres no meal that can look as great as you do

Beautiful name
i try to stay drugged out
of my mind
cuz it helps pass the time
when were not together the days seem like years
i imagine life without you
would be much like my death

Beautiful name
now that i have found you
theres no need to drink water
theres nothing now that can quench my thirst like you do
i try to drink any fluids
tp keep my voice in its place
but thats all they do they dont love me in return

im sorry my voice cant do much justice to the words that i sing"

and yea thats it
I liked the first verse, didnt read further though becuase I cant stand reading
lyrics that dont rhyme >.<
its just me