I'll probably look into buying an overdrive sooner or later. Just so you know, I'm a novice guitar player, and the SD-1 seems to be fine for me right now. I also agree with the cheaper price, about $40-50 USD. I'll mainly be playing rock; alternative, punk, a little metal (i have a distortion pedal already anyways), a little blues.

Your thoughts? Any better OD pedals for around the same price?

And is there any reason the SD-1 is sometimes referred to as a distortion pedal online? I know that the Boss DS-1 is distortion, so it might just be people confusing the two.
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*Bump* Before this falls into the second page. I only need two or three opinions. Thanks in advance.
It's all been seen, with the exception for what could be.
The SD-1 is a good overdrive pedal, not one of my favourites (that belongs to the Pro-Co RAT), but it's cheap and it works well so I'd say buy it if you like the tone
I have it and its great. A little too much treble but you can fool around with the amp and pedal settings to get rid of that.
Hmm... Thanks everyone, but now I'm wondering about the Tubescreamer. I guess it's all personal preference, I'll probably have to try them out or something.
It's all been seen, with the exception for what could be.
Pedal: "MONKEY" by DigiTech

I just got a new pedal, and may i say that that this pedal is one of the best pedals my ears have had the honor of listening to. I'm sure most of you have heard of the song "devil in a midnight mass" by billy talent, and the guitar sound for the tricky beginning and end parts of the song really bothered the hell out of me because i coudnt get the sound, then here comes this pedal i i was f***ing stoned when i lisned to the sond. I definetly recommend this pedal.
i hear good stuff about the visual sound jekyl and hyde pedal also the EH metal muff

havent tried them out but i dont hear any negative stuff on them but it is out of yoru price range though lol save up and get somethign nice which woudl last you thats what i woudl do
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SD-1 is wonderful, and like all Boss pedals really easy to mod to make it one of the best and most transparent overdrives there are.
Im not trying to hijack his thread, but he seems satisfied, and my questions about the same. Anyone know anything good/bad about the Boss OD-20?
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the SD-1 is a very good cheap beginners pedal and like timmy said very easy to mod and become amazing.

about the OD 20 i dont like it. i think its total ovekill and if your gonna spend that much get a nice OD like a Maxon
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