Hi, I'm looking for an amp to buy that I can practice with and do some small shows. All it really needs is a clean channel since I have pedals, and I'm hoping the lack of effects will cut down on the cost. I'm thinking something around $200.

If anyone has any suggestions or a specific model I should be looking for, that would be a great help.
Yeah try Vox amps

Mabey an AD15, or a DA15, or even a DA5 (if you just want a small practise amp)
I'm not sure of the cost on any of those amps but thats a start

Fender might be another route you can go, try out a Fender Frontmant. I used to play one and it served me well
15? for a small show? are you ****tin me?

aim for 50watts, i cant recommend any amps because ive been off the amp curcuit for a fair while.

if your uk try www.gak.com