Ive recently got a Gibson SG Faded Special (Worn Brown).

Its beautiful. But i want to keep it that way. However, im a bit engergetic when i play. Ive put strap locks on my strat copy ever since i dropped the bugger on concrete floor. Id cry if my SG got damaged : (

However, strap locks and pretty long/pointy and with the other strap pin being on the back of the SG would this stab into me whilst playing? If so, is there a way i can get round this?

Thanks : )
you CAN just get those dunlop ones, there just a thick piece of plastic with a hole in it, and you put then on top of your strap, theyre alot better than installing expensive locks, and these ones can be transferred from guitar to guitar.
and theyr flat, not these giant knobs sticking off your guitar
they like 2 dollars each
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^if you jump around when you play it will, the guitar goes everywhere
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Just buy a metal washer that is the right size. Take the pin off the neck and do it like this

Guitar - Strap - Washer - Pin.

This is the cheapest solution and it will be flat.
My dads got a garage full of motorbikes nd nuts and bolts etc.

The washer idea could work.

Guess i gotta make sure i get decent strap that wont just tear.

But i might give the plastic stap locks a shot. Ive seen those b4, they are like 50p or sumthing silly : )

Thanks guys!