Yea. I use sonar for recording with the guitar rig 2 vst, Kinda hard recording then adding in distortion/effects. Cause its hard to get pinch harmonics and other tricks down only hearing a clean guitar sound while you play. Then adding in the distoriton afterwards. ANy idea how to set it up so i can hear the effect as i play with the above mentioned combination..while recording? thanks
Hopefully this will work:

Right click "FX" in Audio 1 (or whereever you're recording), then scroll to DXi synth, the click NI Guitar Rig 2.

Above this, click the Input Echo to "On" and you should be able to hear yourself play.

I think that's the way I do it.
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You could split the guitar signal into two, and record a clean DI onto the computer, and run the other signal into a distortion pedal then through an amp. That way you could record listening to a distorted sound, which means you can hear your pinch harmonics and stuff, but then on the actual recording use guitar rig's distortion on the clean DI. But the astronaut's suggestion looks easier and better
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I just open Guitar Rig when I record to get all the effects going, then add it later as a plugin in cubase. tried it?