I bought this pedal that i didnt like and i had 10 days to return it but i never got arund to it. Its been about 3 months now and i barely use it so its in perfect condition.

I was wondering if anyone knoew some B.S. excuse i could give the guitar store to get at least store credit.

Lies, stores,threats.

Ill take anything
open it up and disconnect a wire or two. then tell the guy it stopped working and if u got a warrenty on it, bam, store credit.
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Why return it.. Just sell it to someone else..

^ yah but then id have to reduce the price.

If its in brand new condition id like to get full store credit at least.
You cant really just return it... it was your fault for not taking it back. Live and learn man. If you take it back now youll get a third of what its worth even in brand new condition.
Either sell it to someone else, or take it back, say it doesn't work for you and ask for store credit.
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