Hey, I just found this subforum, very cool. My friend and I (whom I've never actually met ) have covered a few Aerosmith songs. He records himself playing drums to the song, then sends the drum .wav to me, and I record each guitar part for the song and layer them together.

This is probably only for pretty big Aerosmith fans, since 1. we chose 'rare' songs, 2. we strayed very little from how they're recorded, and 3. there's no singing. Who's gonna sing Tyler?

The songs I have to post right now are:

Kings & Queens (1977)
Nobody's Fault (1976)
Make It (1973)
Eat The Rich (1993)
One Way Street (1973)

read the rules

Everything should work on this page...click the song name to download it, or the blue triangle to just hear it. Might have to turn down your bass, if it overpowers the rest of the music. It shouldn't, but I've heard it start to do that on some speakers. Anyway, enjoy! I'm not looking to promote us or anything, just trying to share some more of Aerosmith's classic tunes.