like it says....what the hell is a rake? and how is it done...if u know a link to a video with an explanation that would be better!! thanks
a rake is like quickly gliding your pick over three or more notes to make like a musical "bleep" note.
check out zakk wylde or kirk hammet. one by metallica uses a rake in the intro solo.

e|-----14----- just try gliding your pick over these three notes.
do u have to palm mute it or anything cos i sweep my pick across but it comes out like a pile of crap!
well the song im tryin to learn which has the rake is "live again" by silent civilian...ive got the notes but it sounds so crap....do u have to pull your finger off each fret or do u just simply hit each?
there one in the first riff in the second chorus of hotel calfiornia
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try turning down your distortion a bit.... if that doesn't work, then i don't know what to tell you. it's kind of hard to explain.
well a rake is sweeping dead notes just like this:

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a rake is a sweep with 2 or more dead notes, it can be used to add a little percussive spice to notes.
theres a rake in the intro to burnt offerings - testament and the intro solo to one by metallica, of course


theres an article in cyberfret
David Gilmore of Pink Floyd uses this technique a lot. You hit one or two muted strings before you hit your note. It accents the note. Remember to do it quick.
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Basically you just sweep across the strings with your pick,

And if playing notes on the higher strings then mute the lower ones and hit the higher. You should still hear the notes with a muted sound.
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i saw on a satriani video he was doing reverse rakes, are they just up, instead of down? also it didnt look or sound like he was muting strings....
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And if playing notes on the higher strings then mute the lower ones and hit the higher. You should still hear the notes with a muted sound.

yes. you DO have to palm mute the non-target notes. Dick Dale's "let's go trippin'" riff has a rake in it, which comes out really nice and clear thanks to the heavy reverb.
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People are getting raking confused with sweeping. Raking is gliding your pick over the strings to create a percussive effect/sound. Listen to Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits, you can hear Mark Knopfler rake during the intro. Basically you 'rake' your pick across the strings whilst muting notes and then finally hitting a note on a higher string.