Hi UG'ers (stole that from someone one lol)

I just checked out a video on here about some boogie playing, it involved amongst others a G barr chord and it invovled hammering on at the 6th fret with my little finger.

I just cannot make that stretch because I have stupid little hands, do others with small hands get over this problem in other ways or can that stretch be made eventually??

Thanks in advance.

how long have you been playing? cos after a while u develope that stretch naturally, also try arching your hands MORE!
you should be able to hammer to 6 at very least

i could only go up to six for a while but now im able to gedt up to seven and 8

although 8 is almost never properly done
All you really have to do is pratice that chord a lot, I pink can stretch to the 6th fret if my first finger is on the 1st fret, and my hands are pretty small, just practice, it helps with EVERYTHING.
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Tap the note.
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To practice your stretch try these exercises I stole from Petrucci's Rock Discipline. I like to warm up my left hand before playing with these kinds of shapes.


Just do that kind of thing with different spacings between the fingers. Eventually you can play this kind of stretch:


and so 6 to 3 won't be as bad.
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