I'm gettin' a Fender Super Reverb soon enough and I noticed that it has no gain. So I was wondering how to get the natural overdrive of the amp to be enhanced. I really don't understand how the amp works too much actually. I see four input jacks and it has footswitchable channels for the effects, but why the two inputs for each channel. Active and Passive? What's the diffrence in plugging into the two diffrent sets of inputs? How do I get the natural distortion without raising the volume, is there a non-distortion pedal that'll give it that overdrive? Perhaps a boost
Well, yes, you could get a boost or an overdrive. Don't get a distortion pedal as that will make the amp sound cold and lifeless. The point of the two inputs is so that you can have more than one guitar or signal chain plugged in. And the only way to get natural overdrive is to crank the amp.
That's what I figured. I was hoping there was something similar to THD's Hot plate, in a pedal.
I havn't seen an Attenuator (Sp?) in a pedal form

The hot plate is your best bet, but if you plan on running one all the time, it might be best to let your local tech know. I'm not sure about Fenders, but alot of amps need to be biased a bit "cold" to cope with running on low power
Well it said you're supposed to connect it between the speaker and the head, but it's a combo amp, so I have to rule that out. Anyone know anything about the Yellow Jacket tubes?