My old band played this version of the Bob the Builder theme song (just as a joke).
And, I was kind of bored, so I just made a Gp5 version of it.
But since I live in Norway, the lyrics are changed and therefore is the melody of the song a bit different.
Let me know what you think (Don't take this too serious!! I was bored!)
By the way, I don't have a clue about drums, so they kind of suck
byggmester bob.zip
That was cool.
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I hated bob the builder

but after seeing his song in such a rock and/or rolling manner

he just kicks the most ass ever.

great job dude,

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4/4 is just so boring. <_<
HA well done.
Bob the builder is legend.
The drums pissed me off a bit though :P
Oh btw, what lick did you steal out of curiousity?
Watch out for FLOODS exploding onto the UK Deathcore scene this summer.
Ha, that was sweet. You did something I never expected anyone to do!

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