Basically, I want to build a custom guitar soon, though I want to experiment with a new sound. I was wondering if anyone knows of the differences in the acoustics, sustain, resonances, as far as the types of woods used or even a reference to a site that would describe that. I'm trying to talk to people since I can't afford to physically experiment with it. I'm basically up for anything to find a new sound that I might like. Pine, oak, spruce, maple, cherry, mohogany, ash, alder, basswod, anything ranging from the body, fretboard or neck, but I was wondering if anyone knows about these already and what sounds I may expect. Also, as far as pickups go, I'd also like to experiment with those, as well and see what differences things mike like changing the metals that the coils in the pickups that the magnets are wound around.

Also, i'm looking for a hot sound, something with decent lows, nice midrange and a good ammount of trebble since i like to play Thrash Metal, but I like to play lead so I need something that sounds good when I solo as well.

I do already have a basswood and 2 alder body guitars, and they sound good. (I prefer the alder), though I'm up for anything really. I think keeping an open mind may surprise me.

Yeah, since this is a science forum, i'd think that some people might know about the properties of the wood.