i did a shortened version of Led Zeppelin's classic Whole Lotta Love. It is on an Epiphone les paul standard plus and running straight to a Spider II 85 watt. Yea i know the sound quality is horrible. All comments are welcome


feel free to check out other songs while you are there
The solo was way off man... what tab were you using? Jimmy does a lot of bends at the end of the bar... you were missing a lot of notes, and the riff was going to fast.
yea no offense buddy im a huge zeppelin and on the behalf of all of us that sucked!!! that is one of the easiest songs to play and you couldnt even get the timing down! im not trying to be an ass but if your going to a zeppelin cover like this make it alot better
man u need to practise ur timing and u need to practise the solo. on the other shred tracks, u need to learn a lot more intricate shapes for shredding, and u need to learn to flow a bit more when ur shredding

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