Never get any love. But there have been good ones, and this thread is dedicated to showing the good ones some well deserved love.

So which Rhythm sections "rawk ur sawks?"

My favorites:

Ivan Kral, Richard Sohl (If keyboards count) and Jay Dee Daugherty of the Patti Smith Group. Their work on "Horses" is really all you need to hear to recognize their greatness. Jay Dee is one of my favorite drummers. Lenny Kaye could have spit on his guitar and it would've sounded fine.

Dave Alexander, and Scott Asheton - The Stooges. Their raw, primal, energy provided an absolutely perfect background for Ron and Iggy.

D.H. Peligro and Klaus Flouride - Dead Kennedys. Klaus had a way with counter melodies, and D.H. is another great drummer. Ted deserves some lovin' too.

Ivan Julien, Richard Hell, and Marc Bell - Richard Hell and The Voidoids. Robert Quine may have been lethal with his guitar, but it was Ivan who came up with the rhythm parts. (Including the brilliant intro to "Blank Generation") Richard's bass work wasn't exactly inspired, but it was competent, and Marc Bell was missed when he went over to the Ramones.
the dead kennedys were an all around amazing band, and east bay ray's rhythms just rip your face off, and black flag; ginn had this style of playing that was like hardcorepunkjazz everything was always changing from american waste to depression i can't get enough black flag
The Minutemen epitomize the best in rhythmic complexity. it's almost hard to draw the line between jazz and punk with them, they play on the up beat like it's nothing. Mike Watt can rip you a new one with his bass lines. so watch the anus.
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I like:

Phobos (he oozes cool)

Misfits and AC/DC Covers + original recordings (jazz/punk, hardcore, "shredish").
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The Minutemen epitomize the best in rhythmic complexity. it's almost hard to draw the line between jazz and punk with them, they play on the up beat like it's nothing. Mike Watt can rip you a new one with his bass lines. so watch the anus.

Exactly. Mike Watt has got to be one of the most underrated bass players ever, and George Hurley is a great drummer.

Edit: I also agree with the Voidoids. Robert Quine gets respect for playing all his great leads, but Ivan Julian was awesome too.
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It's really really hard to have a good solid punk rock band without a good rythmn section. Punk rock sounds so much better when it's all together and packs a tight punch. Sometimes the jangly thing can work for some bands (early OFR) but for the most part having a good rythmn section makes a punk band. Examples:

No Hope for the Kids
Catholic Boys
Radio Birdman
Oblivians (they were mad sloppy guitarwise but the rythmn is what brough them together and made them stand out from all of the other lo-fi garage bands at the time)
Lost Sounds
Oh wow!

The Minutemen completely slipped my mind!

I should be ashamed of myself. Especially when you consider that Mike Watt is one of my favorite bass players
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Refused has some wicked rhythm, listne to 'Summer holidays vs punk routine' and see for yourself! and older rise against too, like 'generation lost'

and Strung Out as well
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Chuck Dukowski and Robo-Black Flag

Kira Roessler and Bill Stevenson-Black Flag

Dave Alexander and Scott Asheton-The Stooges

Tony Lombardo and Bill Stevenson-Descendents

Johnny Blitz and (I forget the bass player's name.)-Dead Boys
^^as in young loud and snotty? he was on that album, wasn't he? (listed in the credits on mine)

anyway, radio birdman definately has one of the best rythm sections (that can easily go over to lead, with the keyboardist)
I missed out on seeing them on their tour because all the shows were 18+! god damn!
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The Stooges definately have one of my favourite rhythm sections. Aswell as the Minutemen. How awesome was that when Mike Watt toured with the Stooges. What an amazing line up.
All I want for christmas this year is a creative rhythm section that's tighter than a nun's ass.

For my birthday I want a singer.

Klaus and Peligro are amazing, I mean, just listen to night of the living rednecks.
not quite punk but Bruce Foxton was a kickarse bassist, and he gave the jam some sweet basslines back in the day. and did everyone hear about how he quit slf this year? thats a shame, i kinda liked it how they would do the occasional jam cover on some live cd's.
are there any horse socks? is anyone listening to me?
Bruce Foxton is a class act. I was really disappointed to hear he quit.
Here's an interesting bit of Trivia:

1. Bruce uses rotosound strings

2. The Chuckle Brothers had that hairstyle because they were fans of the jam.

Oh, and I would consider the jam to be a punk group, culturally aware lyrics and songs about fighting with rich kids and all that.
I can't see why the Jam aren't punk although their latter material...
yeah i see you're point BrianApocolyspse, just from some reading ive done i got the impression they considered emselves mods. i really don't like the style council, n the way some of their late material sounded, it wouldnt be what i'd call punk, but all mod cons n their early work would border with punk. what i think though, and this is just a theory since i wasnt around back in the 70s, but i think they were separate from alot of the punk culture cos of the way they dressed, cos back then it was alot about rebellion n taboo n ****, n i always thought the way they dressed was a real way of flyin the flag, n the jam always wore their matchin blazers n looked pretty sharp most of the time.

still a kickarse band whatever you wanna call em though.
are there any horse socks? is anyone listening to me?
I think that the Jam had that individuality and attitude earlier on, and I've got punk compilations with them as the first track, so I think you're right that it's a borderline thing.

Another Jam Trivia that I read somewhere: I think it was Caroline Coon or if not, some other journalist who called them mod revivalists, and Paul Weller wore a cardboard sign around his neck that said "How am I a revivalist when I'm only ****ing 18?" for a whole day! Actually it probably wasn't caroline coon.

as for this bit "still a kickarse band whatever you wanna call em though." I agree wholeheartedly. Paul Weller is an excellent rhythm guitar player.

I like that music style, which is where you have a sharp, jagged arrangement where the instruments attack you in jabs, as opposed to a more Ramonic or damned smooth wall of sound.

EDIT: oh, and friends call me Johnny Skull****, or Mat, depends whether I'm a t the pub or not.
nobody mentioned Television? come on! Fred Smith and Billy Ficca pounding along as Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd cranked out dual leads, is truely spectacular.