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I have the following mics. SM57, SM58, MXL990, MXL991.

I'd like to record drums, either one track at a time or two. That is, I'd record the snare as one track, then the high hats, etc.

What mics would work best for the different parts of a drum set?
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well the sure mics come with an insert that tells you what each mic is best for and where to place them for best sound....but only one i remember is the 57 sounds great for the snare
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with those 4 i would probably use the 57 on snare, 58 on the kick, and the two mxl mics as stereo overheads. if doing only 2 tracks at a time you could start with the stereo overheads, then do just the kick and snare. the kick and snare will be audible in the first mix, but then the second one could sorta be to make them stick out and fine tune your sound. thats probably how i would think of doing it, dunno if it would be the best way or not.