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Okay, I'm up, but due to complications it has taken a while.

Jerry Cantrell:Guitar and vocals for Alice In Chains

First, some info on Alice In Chains:

Formed in 1987, when Jerry met Layne Staley (Vocals) at a party. They both had a sarcastic sense of humour and a passion for Black Sabbath. Jerry invited Layne to join his band Diamond Lie, and they soon recruited Mike Starr (Bass) and Sean Kinney (Drums). They soon changed their name to Alice In Chains, a variation on Layne's highschool band's name, Alice N Chains.

They released their debut album, "Facelift", in 1990. The lead single, Man In The Box, soon went into heavy rotation on MTV. The album went Gold by the end of the year
Their next album, "Dirt", was released in 1992. This is their best-known album, and is full of classics, including Them Bones, Would?, Down In A Hole and Angry Chair. This album went Platinum by the end of the year. Mike Starr (Bass) left due to heroin, but asked to rejoin. He was told no, apparently because he group were jelous of all the attention he got from girls on! He was replaced by ex-Ozzy bassist Mike Inez.
Their 3rd and final album was the self-titled "Alice In Chains", released in 1995. Due to Staley's drug addiction, Cantrell did alot of singing on the album, such as in "Heaven Beside You" and "Grind". Laynes deterioating health also led to the band cancelling various tours and shows.
In 1996, the group played on "MTV Unplugged" It was their first show in 3 years. It was popular and a great way to show a different side to the band. It was released on CD and can be picked up quite cheaply.
The band released the EP's "Sap" and "Jar Of Flies" either side of their "Dirt" album. Tese were mainly acoustic based and contain classics such as I Stay Away and Brother.
Cantrell went on to release solo albums, "Boggy Depot" and "Degradation Trip", which contain great songs such as Cut You In and Anger Rising. These were more alternative and slightly different to AIC's metal sound.
In 2002, Staley died of a heroin overdose. The group never properly split up, rather dissolved.

But Now they are back with William DuVall! He was in a band called "Come With The Fall". They tried many singers such as James Maynard of Tool and Philip Anselmo of Pantera, they even performed with James Hetfield of some band called Metallica!

Anyway, I'll do the rig in the next few posts. Mods please sticky this.

These are Jerry's main guitars. They have a Kahler Flyer trem and a Seymour Duncan JB bridge humbucker. There is a single volume pot. Alder Body and Ebony Fretpoint with a bolt-on neck. G&L actually had 70 Cantrell signature prototypes made at some point but the progect was cancelled. Damn it!
Here are some pics:

Some vids of him using a Rampage:
Bleed The Freak Live
Again/We Die Young Live

Gibson Les Pauls

Jerry has also used a few Les Pauls
A "Cheetah" Les Paul Custom (Alpine White with spots on!)
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Gibson Les Pauls

Jerry Has owned various Les Pauls throughout his carrer, though he mainly uses them on solo tours and with the newly reunited Alice In Chains. As far as we know they all have stock pickups. He has owned:

Cherry Les Paul Standard
Alipne White Les Paul Custom (With Black Spots painted on, the "Cheetah" Les Paul)
Black Les Paul Custom
Blue Les Paul Custom (Custom made for Jerry)
Goldtop Les Paul (Replaced Pickups I think)



Again Live with William Duvall
MINE BITCH!!!! lol, Go Jerry, I hope to see him when he comes with the new AIC Line up.
Random Guitars

Jerry has used various Fenders, Danlectros and Deans Throughout his career. He is now making a signature guitar with Dean tha won't hit the shelves for some time, but I have pics!

Random Fender Strat: Was seen in the "Them Bones" Video. Kahler Flyer Trem, songle Humbucker and also seen with a neck pickup in 1 pic.

Them Bones Vid

G&L ASAT:Had one in the 90's. Stock hardware? Hard to find pics, so here a vid:
No Excuses live with William DuVall I will put up a pic soon.

Danelectro Baritone: Used for the Studio recording of "What The Hell Have I?" for The Last Action Hero sountrack. No pics as was only used in studio

Dean Micheal Schenker USA V: Jerry has been using one of these recently. Kick ass paintjob! Maybe he got it as a present from Dean to ease him in?

Earnie Ball Music Man EVH sig: Eddie Van Halen signature. Basswood body, Flame maple top, Floyd Tremelo, Custom Dimarzio Pickups. Given to Jerry by EVH during a '92 tour. Hard to find pics so here's a vid:
Junkhead Live
Angry Chair Video

Fender Strat: Probably American. Used for recording his solo albums. He supposedly used one for recording "Leave Me Alone" for The Cable Guy Soundtrack.

Guild D50 and JF30 Acoustics: Used for recording and the MTV Unplugged concert. Seem to have quite a metallic tone. Guild seem to be quite popular amongst Grunge-Pat Smear also used one for Nirvana's unplugged concert.
Down In A Hole Unplugged

NOW HERE IT IS! Pics of his new sig? He said in a UG interview that it would be a Les Paul design, and he has always used Kahler trems, so it would make sense to assume that this is his new sig:
Pic 1
Pic 2

Next to come-Amps! I hope that this is good so far
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Ol' Jerry has used many an amp in his time. He has stuck with Marshall cans, but the heads have changed over the years.

Bogners[/B: These are very expensive, but he's a lucky bastard.
Bogner Fish Preamp: This was used to record "Facelift" and was part of his Live rig. No pics of him with one that I can find, but this is a pic of one:

Bogner Shiva Preamp: Used on his solo tour and maybe a bit with Alice In Chains. They are around $2,500. Woah, better get an extra paper-round.


Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Prototype.

Used for the recording of "Dirt". Bear in mind that this was a Prototype, as they weren't released until after 1992.

Fender Twin Reverb: Used on the acoustic-based "Jar Of Flies"


He uses Marshall 1960B 4 X 12 Straight cabs almost exclusily, fitted with Celestion 25 W "Greenback" speakers Pics to come soon.

Cantrell's rack includes a pair of Bogner Fish preamps feeding a pair of Mesa Simul-Class 2 Ninety power amps (the duplication is for backup purposes), plus a pair of Rocktron RPS Intelliverbs and a BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer.
Less glamorous, but equally important, tools include wireless systems by Nady and Samson, a Furman line conditioner, and a Digital Music Corp. Ground Control GCX switcher with foot controller.

Eventide DSP7000 Harmonizer. Possibly used on songs like Hate To Feel.

Next To Come- Floor Effects!
Floor Effects

As we all know, Jerry is AMAZING at using the wah pedal. For slices of his awesomeness, check out the songs "Rain When I Die" (**** off Voodoo Child lol) "Sea Of Sorrow" "Man In The Box" "Grind".
As for Wah Pedals, in the early 90's he used modded GCB-95's, as these were readily avaliable.
I have a GCB-95 from 1990, and if Jerry used those, I can tell you what mods to do.
Mid Boost, and Vocal mods get you quite close, since I did the Vocal mod I have got closer, though I am yet to do the mid-boost mod. I have done True Bypass also.
Dunlop credit him as using JH-1 wah's later on in his career. This would make sense as his wah has more mid and low end than most.
He has also used a Dimebag DB-01 wah recently.
Vid of him using a wah:
Would? Live

Dunlop Rotovibe: Not sure what he would use this for, as I don't know what they do. If someone could tell me, I will put up what it could be used for.

Boss TU-2 Tuner: Famous Boss Pedal tuner, the industry standard. PICS TO COME SOON

Electro Harmonix Big Muff: Used on his solo album "Boggy Depot" for Jesus Hands. Not sure whether he used a Russian or American issue. Russian ones are meant to be rougher, whereas American ones are smooth.


Boss CE-5 Chrous Ensemble: Used for loads of songs, such as Angry Chair, Down In A Hole, and Love Hate Love. PICS TO COME

Pro Co Rat: Used on Boggy Depot.

ISP Decimator: Used onstage. His guitar tech says that they couldn't live without it.

Dunlop Heil Talkbox: Used on "Man In The Box" and possibly on "Rain When I Die". Also used by Dave Grohl, Richie Sambora and many others.


Jerry uses Dean Markley Strings, as does Bassist Mike Inez. I think he uses Dean Markley 2554 Blue Steel Cryogenic Custom Light Electric Guitar Strings .
Here is a funny ad for Dean Markley (Scroll Down a bit)HERE

Jerry uses Dunlop Tortex pics. He used to use 1.14mm, but has "eased up in his old age." Now using "the black ones"

Next to come- Layne Staley's simple setup.
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Layne Played guitar for a few songs, like Angry Chair.

He used a Gibson SG Standard. PICS TO COME

For Vocal effects, he used a Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face, maybe on Grind and a delay effect.

Now for a little extra:


How can you get that Jerry tone without giving your life for a Bogner? Well, I have a Vox AD15VT and I can get a great sound with the following:

For Rhythm
Amp Model: Nu-Metal (Based on a Dual Rectifier)
Gain:6.5/10 (Let the chrods ring)
Treble: 8/10
Compressor:ON (Tightens and Sustains sound)

For Lead:

For Rhythm
Amp Model: Nu-Metal (Based on a Dual Rectifier)
Treble: 8/10

Well, thats all for now! I will update with pictures this Tuesday and Wendesday. I hope you enjoyed it, it took ****ing ages.
sweet good job
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Well done. Nice inclusion of the story. Didn't fit much with the rig itself, but nonetheless it was an informative read.

Cool thread. What a coincidence that I just bought their video collection on DVD! I remember buying Dirt when I was in high school when it came out. Ah, those were the days.......
thanks guys, its still not perfected, I'll have more pictures of him and his guitars up soon.

Mods, sticky this please.
yeh i just sent pm to mascot asking for this to be stickied. pretty cool i wonder who is on next. and the1 very nice job mate good work on this
That blue Les Paul is HAWT
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Nicely done, with lots of extra information on a hero of mine.

Seen em live, seemed to have a different guitar for every song lol.
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Good Job
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Really nice, but not enough pics I think.

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Dunlop Heil Talkbox: Used on "Man In The Box" and possibly on "Rain When I Die". Also used by Dave Grohl, Richie Sambora and many others.


What's the tube for?
The sound is played through the tube, you put the tube in your mouth, and use your mouth to further shape the sound. The sound comes out of your mouth, and is picked up by a microphone.

Here's him using it:
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That is pretty schnazzy!
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I would add more pic, bu I cant save as J-Pegs. Only GIF and ART. How do I save as a J-peg?
Copy it into MS Paint, then go

File>Save As
Right at the bottom will be a drag down box labelled Save As Type. Use that to save the pic as a jpg
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Jerry is a fricking God, and AIC's music changed my life. I am very happy he was featured in this. Good job man.
Awesome job, I learned alot. Cantrell is definitely a good guitar player, and I had the privilege of seeing him live with AIC. The only thing wrong was no Layne.

Anyways, good job!
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and here I was thinking it would be the Canon Rock guy...

but that is some nice gear.
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I just saw AIC with William Duvall about a week ago, and let me tell you it was baller. He is just as good as Layne. If AIC comes to your town, go see them because it will be awesome.
I tried to make a signature listing all my gear, but I couldn't for 2 reasons.

1. I couldn't remember all my gear
2. My signature was too long for UG to process.
lol thanx for the feedback. I wanna see them, but I don't think they r coming to the UK again.
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