instead of buying a computer and mixer, ive decided to save a bit of money and buy a digital multi track recorder. i want one that either records cds, or that has some sort of memory card type thing that i can some how transport the songs to my computer. i don't know anything about them, and i have a few questions such as

i need one with alot of inputs cause im gonna be recording my band and maybe some local bands as well, so is there a way i can plug 2 or 3 guitars into one input, like some sort of plugin?

is the quality still as good as it would be with a computer and mixer(or interface)

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It's gonna cost you a big chunk of change to buy a recorder that can record more then 2 tracks at once. You could put a mixer in front of it and use the 2 tracks as left and right but then your stuck with the mix you use. Or you just suck it up and record each instrument seperatley, it sounds better that way anyways.
Check out the KORG D888
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