Hi guys,

could you recommend me some good metal guitars? (for Metallica, In Flames, CoB, Slayer etc.)

i thought the Mockingbird or the Jackson Kelly would be good, but some told me that there are also better metal guitars for 460 $

maybe an ibanez sz320, or you could get something like a an ibanez rg321 (without trem) then throw in a set of EMGs and that guitar will be a tank..dont buy a kelly in that price range the js30 kelly is horrible..
oh i forgot to say that i want a guitar without a floyd rose and i don't want to change the PUs isn't there a guitar in this price class which i'm looking for?
Used ESP/LTD 400 series. Pick your shape. If you want an extreme shape, go F series. Les Paul shape EC series. SG shape, Viper series. Superstrats, MHNT, H series.
I've got a kelly and i love it, so that's a good one....
search the forums for "metal guitar" and you'll find lists people have made of the best metal guitars (although most won't have a price range)
but the 400 series cost about 900 $!!!
that's definately too expensive for me...

if the ESPs are also good in my price class i'd pick a ESP LTD F100FM STBK
yeah and metal is right, you see them go close to your price very often used..
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ESP are your best bet for that price range. Either that or lower end Jacksons.

No, $400 ESPs aren't good at all.

TS: Either find yourself a good Ibanez, or save up and buy a good guitar that will last you longer than a couple years.
- FJ

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You do NOT want a JS series Kelly.

That's my advice, hope you find something awesome
a guy told me that the tremolo bar was called the "distortionator"
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Kelly FTW! Marty Friedman plays one, Marty Friedman. Beats the hell out of the B.C.Rich

No he doesn't. He uses Ibanez SZs.
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