As the title implies, what are some good songs that use 7 string guitars?
The genres can be anything, except Nu-Metal.

errrrm citizen erased, muse. Except all the official tabs are for standard six string set up.
Band forming. Drummer and bassist needed, pos backing vocalist. Based near Richmond, Surrey (UK). Pm if interested.
Lots of the newer Nevermore stuff, lots of Dream Theater.
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The Audience is Listening - Steve Vai.
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well heres an easy one, Saint for marylin manson... we just finished the cover version today, really easy song if you're a beginner
The Glass Prison~Dream Theater
all KoRn if you are really beginner
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bands with baritone can be done...

and erotomania-dream theater is a good song, but does it use all of the strings?

the organ is better, though
all unearth songs like zombie autopilot-black hearts now reign- and giles

most of steve vai's stuff from earlier albumms like passion and warfare.
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Anything by Nevermore.
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