Hey guys!
After my crime of Karma Police (thanks for commets, didn't expected them to be so "positive), I'm back with my new song Stand By Me from John Lennon ( I Also recorded Creep from Radiohead but there are so many Creep's here that i thought it wouldn't be interesting).

Well this time I think my singing is maybe a bit better than last time, I'm not sure, and well, it's made at first try so there are many mistakes, but well, hope you enjoy it and dont be bad with me, I'm just a new musician


Link ->
well I am not familiar with this song, but the music does sound noice. Now the vocals, it seems as if your holding back or something, they seem emotionless. but the music sounds pretty good, just gotta work on the vocals man, now I am not a singer, but I can hear a little holding back, just let loose, and let everything out. Thanks for listening to my stuff.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
hehe, thanks for your comment.

i dont really notice any "technical" problems here. but the vocals need to stay with the tune. it's not the key, but it's the tune, listen the original and really listen carefully to the way they sing it. just sing it right and it'll sound a whole lot better cause you got a pretty decent voice. keep it up.
Well guys I've just updated the song, it's basically the same but i'm using a stronger voice like in Creep, I think it's more similar to John Lennon one's.... well doesn't matter ^^.

I'm still out of tune I think, and I don't give enough strong to lyrics as I should but maybe it's better than the before one, that's I write here, to hear the opinions of my fans!

Here you have the link again, hope you "like" it and if you want leave me your song's posts, i will make a comment without any problem!