for me to do?

i know the picture's really terrible, but i couldn't really do much better.

in words, i would like a black les paul special, with all silver hardware

it would then have a strip of silver/white going upwards along the line of the stop tail.

along with a strip of blood red going along sideways, parallel and just below the line of the strings.

i would also like a completely black fretboard, with the 7th fret silver and the 3rd fret red, but that doesn't have to happen.

basically would it be possible for me to customise the ebony lp special to look like this?

mandy's guitar.jpg
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including the fretboard?

also, do you have any idea of price?
its the fretboard that's the real problem though, i would've thought?

is it possible to get rid of inlays, and to paint fretboards?
what the FUCK is that picture? from what i can tell you want red and a silver line running through the body of the guitar.
if that is so, yes that is possible.
i dont know what youre talking about the fret board, you havent even drawn one.
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that is one funky looking picture, Headless and has a invisable fret board with black binding....I want one...
you shouldn't paint the fretboard, although you could get a couple of colored block inlays....

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i know, i explained the crappiness of the picture.

all is explained in the writing though?
dude, im just home and im drunk, but that STILL looks retarded as ****!
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tell ya what, im going to bed now.

i shall draw a much more accurate, obvious and easy picture tomorrow.

see y'all.

I'm sorry, but I really don't get what you mean from that picture.

However, from what you've said it doesn't seem impossible at all. The fretboard isn't impossible, however, you're gonna have to go for an ebony fretboard, which would be easy if you used a bolt-on neck, but the Les Paul you were on about customizing sounds like a problem.

Edit: Oh wait, Les Paul Special? You shouldn't have any problems then, I don't think.
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You might not want to go through the troubles of painting a rosewood or ebony finger board. You can ebonize rosewood boards, but I don't think the painting is in the best interest of the wood. If we were talking a maple neck, then you could do it.

It might be because both ebony and rosewood have a much deeper grain pattern where you would need grainfiller and such. Not sure. Wait for Algee or Cord to get back to this.