This is the second song I've posted and it would be great to hear what people think of this one.

The songs called Prayer for the Falling by Stella's Fellas.

It was recorded with one mic of the whole band and it sounds halfway decent IMO, but we only had our electronic drums available so that takes away from the song a bit. Also we did a few overdubs including the solo (which is improvised).

So yea let me know what you think... Thanks.
I just listened to your band and that song for the first time, and it sounds pretty kick ass, nice job.
I'm the dream unicorn! The young machetes guide my path through forests of burning orange trees, but protect me from the cloud eating coconut eyed monsters that live in the bushes.
your songs sounds really cool. I like the quiet breakdown bit.
All sounds really tight aswell, considering it's the whole band in one take.
Good job
"Be Excellent To Each Other"
Good to hear some good things about the song. Thanks for listening.