Hey guys!

I know of the normal scales, such as just the majors, and then all of the modes. But how would writing a song in say, mixoblues sound? Or maybe writing it in that Japanese scale I saw somewhere. They are scales, so it must be possible technically?

I'm not sure I quite understand the question are you asking what the song will sound like if you use the mixolydian mode, etc?

As a tidbit:

Remember, scales are a sort of shortcut to getting the sound you are looking for. You can create a scale yourself, and name it whatever you like. So, not all scales might be as defined as say, the locrian mode or the harmonic minor scale. Some may have been created for more specific situations. Actually, the harmonic minor scale exists because it allows you to have your fifth chord (dominant) to be major, while in a minor key.

A good way to see what sort of flavour a scale may give is to look at what chords it yields.

Anyway, not really sure what I was jargonning on for. Try and be more specific in your rephrasing of the question
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