Hi, like the title says, I am a metal drummer in Northest Ohio. I've been playing for 10 years and can rock hard. I can play double bass, and know what i'm doing. My influences are: Arch Enemy, Lamb of God, Demon Hunter, Opeh, As I Lay Dieing, and Megadeth! If any bands out there are looking...please Post back here. I live in Avon, OH...if that helps at all!

Thanks for reading this ad,
well, i could be interested but it most likely wont work.

NE Ohio is extremely close to SE Michigan what is where i live.

i have a couple of questions if you keep reading and you're interested.

1. whats your age
2. do you have any tracks of you doing drum solos or sweet beats

so w/e
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16, and i have a CD w/ a band that i play'd with. It's toned down drumming cuz the guy who runs it wanted it to. So i do play harder...i might be able to get u a CD
hey i live in medina ohio and we need a drummer bad!!!!!!!!!!!! i could really use the experience in my band im 16 also and play guitar and i have another guitarist who is absolutely insane. PM me if your available for an audition
Ight...freak i PM'd u and cody if u live close to avon let me know so we can jam...

But freak. I'm ur drummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
sup dude me and my guitarist chris are looking for a drumber ... we live in westlake if u know where that is its alittle closer than michagen we play lots of metal were 15 and our previous drumber was a major ass hole
see now why are none of you awesome drummers over here in the grand land of VIRGINIA!
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i'm moving to avon, but i'm not into metal. but yeah, i was looking for a drummer to jam with.
I have a High School band in Avon Lake and we are in desperate need of a drummer
Whats up Bro, my name is James (26 yrs) i live in Wellington like half hour away. im in the market for a new drummer for a "progressive metal" project. i have some clips of riffs i can send you but i need an email address. i actually got ahold of another guitar player in Barea (25 yrs, havnt heard him yet). He says hes been playing since he was 8 and goes to school and studies music. i have been in bands since i was 15 ranged from Rock to Metal and have played countless shows. I have Great gear, Pro tools setup for easy writing and as a matter of fact i have Iron Cobra P900 double pedal for no reason at all lol. heres my email if you think it something your interested in. The goal is to have a solid e.p. recorded this winter so there will be some writing involved. hit me up!