Will or will not Jim Steinman be a part of this project? The first two are absolutely perfect and are among the albums I listen to the most. BUT, I feel if Jim Steinman won't be a part of the project (he wrote the songs on the first two), it won't be worth to pick up. I have heard rumors that he won't be part of the third installment, so what's the official story?
dunno but i loved the first 2 albums....funny story actaully my mom hated meatloaf growing up so i bought the first one just to spite her, then i bought part 2 because i loved the first one

edit: thats meatloaf the band, not the delicious meat product
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"Meat Loaf is currently promoting Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose, which will be released in Halloween 2006. According to Jim Steinman, he and his engineer Steve Rinkoff are "not involved with anything resembling Bat 3."

The trademark to the phrase "Bat Out Of Hell" for CDs and music is owned by Jim Steinman, but Meat Loaf is being allowed to release an album using that name. Meat Loaf has recorded and marketed the album called "Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose" without Steinman's involvement in the project. The album will have fifteen songs, seven of which are written by Jim Steinman. Five of those seven songs have already been released on other albums, and the other two are adapted from a musical Steinman wrote years ago, which was cancelled. That musical was based on the "Batman" comic book series"

With or without Jim, i'm still buying it. Meats last album was one of his best and he didn't have Jim.
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