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2 11%
5 28%
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8 44%
10 000 Days
3 17%
Voters: 18.
Alright, all the cd's are good, but IN YOUR OPINION what is your favourite album. This is a vote to see which you think blows the rest out of the water!
I hold the unpopular view that 10,000 Days is best. I really think they've improved and refined their sound since Lateralus.

Lateralus is awesome, but has some weak spots and instrumentals that even die-hard Toolheads find difficult to get into.

Aenima is a good album. But I think Lateralus and 10kD come ahead because of their maturity. That an entire geenration ripped off its sound doesn't help much either.
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Lateralus dude...!! all the songs are really carefully designed... and most of them are designed according to complex significan mathematical ratio's and sequences (golden ratio and Fibonnaci sequence).. really complex time signatures in all songs... subliminal lyrics.. its like a whole different world in that album...
Meh. I say
Lateralus > Ænima > 10,000 Days > Undertow > the rest
I think Aenima right now, but it always switches between that and Lateralus. Salival is also very awesome.
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10,000 days. Amazing. Second would probably be anema.
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