Hey guys, just wondered if I could get some opinions... my gf and I want to do a cover of this song, I decided to take a shot at recording it first... this is really a practice to get the layering for the lead and stuff down... anyway, lemme know what you guys think. It's the intro, first verse and chorus, with me singing... I'll post the full song with her and I both singing when it's done.

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sounds good....singing/playing.....just gotta get the guitar levels up and volcals cleaned up and leveled a bit....nice job dude
Really good, as Lugzz said your vocals need to be cleaned because sometimes the micro makes the calassical annoying sound, but it's just a detail, isn't important at all.

You did a great job, your guitar was also good, keep working! ^^
I really liked the Chorus. Very nice!
Can you tell me which tab you used please? Thanks
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well I never heard this song, but your voice seems to flow well with it, and your voice has a nice tone to it. Just work on the levels a bit, and the popping on the mic and stuff, but you said it was just a practice one so I wont hold you against it. Other than that, good job man, Repost when you and your girlfriend do it....I mean record. thanks for the crit on my cover.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
Thanks guys... I'll fix the mic issue for the next time... got some tone issues to work out for it as well.

Masterwork, I used the following tab: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/s/stone_sour/through_the_glass_ver3_tab.htm

I also had to tab out the lead in the chorus, it's not hard at all... but it changes over the course of the song, so I'm gonna be writing my own tab shortly.
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