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B) Think. This may be hard if you havent done it before, so start slow and with a metronome.

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not to be a smart ass like those 2 but about 5-7 i learned it when i was 14 and could play it perfectly, after only a year of playing, so i dunno not that hard.
It's is kind of hard for an average guitar player. But you are in the shred forum we are extroardinarily good. (Giggles to my self)
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I learned it a few months ago from the tabbed out version in GW's Randy Rhoads issue. Took maybe 2-3 sittings to nail it, so I'd give it about a 6-7. I was 15 at the time, and have had more trouble with other solos then that one. If you want to learn it, just listen to a ton of times and really practice it, it shouldn't be too difficult if you work at it.
It's pretty much a basic solo. If you've been playing for a couple months or whatever you should be able to pick it up with some practice.