hi, i really want to get the Maxon OD-9 pro+, which is the evolved, slightly better version of the really great maxon OD-9. unfortunately they don't sell them in England and buying one from America would cost me a lot.

is it worth it to get the maxon OD-9 pro+ from America (for the price of two Maxon OD-9's)? or should i just get the already good enough maxon OD-9 here.

i'm also wondering if i would be able play smooth clean solos (like SRV did) through the clean channel using the Maxon OD-9?
it's just that i haven't heard any sound clips from a maxon OD-9 in the clean channel where as i have heard great clean channel and overdrive channel sound clips from the maxon OD-9 pro+.

Thats a good question.......neither one is flat out better than the other. The Pro+ was made for more modern type players in mind for higher gain type amps. So the Pro+ has more gain/distortion than the original OD-9. Also, the Pro+ has accentuated lows and highs just like modern high gain amps. The OD-9 has a smoother sound with an accentuation on the lower mid-range. For comparison look at the OD-9 as an old school vintage Marshall and the Pro+ as a modern high-gain amp like a Dual Rectifier. The Pro+ also has a larger dB boost (again, more like a modern amp). So as you can see it's more about your preference of sound rather than one being better than the other. The OD-9 Pro+ is really an evolutionary step in OD pedals I guess, more suited for high gain amps

What amp/guitar do you use?
What tones are you looking for?
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thanks for that info.
i use a marshall 8080 valvestate amp and a fender USA stratocaster.
the i'm looking is that SRV clean solo tones he uses, plus i also like hendris and frusciante distortion. so basically the smooth hendrix/frusciante overdrive and SRV clean solo tone.
you might be better off with the traditional OD-9 then, but if you can try them both out
ok, thanks for your advise, i'm gonna be saving a lot of money by getting the OD-9.
But you know that overdrive pedals don't have the same effect on solid-state amps as they do on tube amps don't you?
Just get the OD9, it won't be worth the double to get a pro+ version.
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to Gutch220, yes i do know they sound best on tube amps, but it's fine because i'll be getting a tube amp for for my birthday anyway.
^i only want to have similar sound/tone to him but not to much because i want my own sound too so the maxon will probably sound slightly different and from what i've heard, better than the TS808 and TS9's. thanks for suggestions though.