Hey i am thinking about getting a new amp and i was wondering if any one has played the Crate XT120R 120W Guitar Combo. i wanted to get the cube 60 wich is about the same price as the crate but the crate is twice as many watts. i have played the cube 60 and i really like it, but just wanted to know about the crate.

was wondering wich one i should get.
I have played it, and it sucked compared to the cube.

Twice the power just means double the crappiness.
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i have Crate xt65r i dont know if its very similar, but the 65r distortion sux! and the cleans sound distorted.
Its not bad if used with a pedal. Without a pedal, the distortion isn't good
I am telling you out of personal experiance... NO! I regret the day I ever bought my XT. If only I would have waited and saved a little bit more money I would have my B-52 AT instead of a crate doorstop.
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