I am extremly bored right now and do not know where to go with learning. Give me a song to learn, or an exercise to study. Realy ANYTHING THAT WILL DO ANY GOOD! Maybe cord progressions........ I MEAN ANYTHING CONSTRUCTIVE! Some scales possibly? Please anything will help. Thanks

learn b.y.o.b. by system of a down.
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Learn these songs and you will graduate from guitar. Ive said these before geez. Get with the program! You'll never grow bored with these.

Speed metal symphony
Fermented offal Discharge
Symbiotic in Theory
Extreme Unction
Arpeggios from Hell
Vivaldi's Winter
Frantic Disembowelment
Lashed to the Slave Stick
Unas Slayer of the Gods
Trilogy Suite Opus 5
Bad Horsie
The Riddle
Satch Boogie

And for scales:

Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Gypsy, Diminished, Natural Minor.
^ I don't know what graduate guitar means , but that song list surely wouldn't do it.

No jazz, one very small classical piece, and the rest is rock/metal.

If you told us what knowledge you have of the guitar, we could point you in a more specific and helpful direction. Also, what are your musical interests?
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i would take what you already know and expand upon it, when i'm kinda lacking and just want something to work on that sounds good i'll take a scale and learn about the different chords contained in it (like arpeggiated 2 string chords) and i'll write a piece using those chords, then i'll take the scale and move it around the fretboard to different keys and try everything in different keys, i recommend just trying to be musical over just running exercises as exercises just end up getting old after a while.